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Here is a simple list of plants that you could consider for your garden to help keep year-round interest. There’s no need to have to abandon your garden to the elements and ignore it till the spring, there are heaps of plants out there that look great with a coating of frost on or being blown about by winter wind. A garden designer can help with a planting plan to select these plants, and you will always find it easier to find a landscape gardener over the winter months. Tom is able to provide plants and planting as part of his garden design and landscape gardening service in Glasgow.

Pruning of Wisteria can be an intimidating job, and whilst it needn’t be, let’s get one thing straight – your Wisteria is not going to die if you don’t prune it. With enough space, Wisteria is happy to roam and will continue to flower. However, to get the best from them, and especially if you have limited space, they should be getting pruned twice per year. Although Tom's main services are garden design and landscape gardening in the Glasgow area, he sometimes has time to help with horticultural tasks like this too!

What is bare-root planting? And what are rootball plants? Both are ways of planting trees, hedges and some shrubs (such as roses) in the least costly way you can, and also at the horticulturally best time of year, as the planting process hapens while the plants are dormant over the winter. Bare-root plants arrive with their roots exposed (but in a bag of some sort), and rootballs are used for heavier plants where the roots are encased in soil within a hessian sack. Tom offers the supply and planting of bare-root and rootball hedges and trees in the Glasgow area.

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