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For people looking for garden designers in Glasgow or elsewhere, one of the first areas of confusion is the difference between garden designers and landscape architects. As a general rule, landscape architects tend to look after commercial scale projects often in the public realm, whereas garden designers tend to look after residential garden designs. 

Autumn is a busy time for gardeners and garden designers, with only a few weeks left of long days our minds are focused on the winter nights ahead. Glasgow has experienced a couple of mild wet autumns and winters of recent, so it will be interesting to see what happens this year. Despite the occasionally inclement weather I have to say that this is my favourite time of the year for working in the garden, and for garden-owners, you can consider autumn to be the best time to set the ball rolling on new garden designs and planting plans. 

Has your garden survived the dry spells this summer? And what about the biblical downpours that we have had in Glasgow too?! As with everyone else, garden designers in Glasgow have had a challenging season thanks to lockdown, but the weather has actually done us a few favours. And now is actually a good time to make some strides in your list of garden jobs and to guard against future extreme weather.

The spring flush is behind us now - this combination of warm and damp conditions heralds the start of around six to eight weeks of rapid plant growth, when you should try not to get too downhearted about not keeping up with the weeds or rapidly growing grass! In my own garden, I keep the grass cut and I simply hoe and turn weeds into the soil to keep on top of things, and then before you know it the plants and grass have started slowing down again. It is easy to think that everything grows at the rate of knots from spring to autumn, but they don’t.

Tom provides a tree planting and hedge planting service in the Glasgow area throughout the year. The best time to plant trees and hedges is during the dormant season over the winter, but both trees and hedges are supplied as bare-root and root-ball plants.

A 'planter' is simply a word for a decorative plant pot or container. Styles are myriad, so whether you are on the look out for urban planters or more traditional-style planters there is something to suit you. Using containers for your plants allows you ultimate versatility, increased accessibility, flexibility and less weeding. Planters and window-boxes are as popular in Glasgow as they are anywhere else, and increasingly popular with long-term renters.

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